Gavin Colfer

Freesurfer and Ocean Lifeguard, Santa Cruz, CA

My name’s Gavin Colfer and I’m a full-time student, progressive freesurfer, and ocean lifeguard. I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA and I have been surfing as much as possible since I was 10 years old. I competed for many years growing up but I’ve discovered my true passion in hunting barrels up and down the Central Coast.

I’m a strong supporter of ear protection but have often found that other ear plugs are unreliable. Also, I have noticed that being deprived of hearing while surfing has a negative effect on my overall performance in the water. However, surfing without plugs is asking for trouble down the line with bone-growth in the canal, and the immediate difficulties of swimmer’s ear are never pleasant either. Therefore, I am a strong support of SurfEars as the latest, most cutting-edge product in earplug technology.

Salty Breeze Art (1st and 4th), Santa Cruz Waves (2nd) & Michael Barrus (3rd)